We operate as a professional Etching and woodcut print studio for artists wanting to produce quality prints. Our print studio established in early 2014 with the expertise of Mexican artist Fernando Aceves Humana, collaborates with emerging and established artists from all around the world to create artworks with its professional print facility.

Our studio is open for artists who want to produce quality etching or woodcut prints.Our press was made in Thailand by a renowned press maker who has been established in Thailand for over 60 years, producing quality machines for local artists, private and public studios as well as universities such as Silapakorn and Chulalongkorn.


The plate of our press is 80×130 cm allowing printing papers up to 70×120 cm. The studio is all equipped for etching and woodcut print. With a resin box, acids, inks etc.

A technician is here to assist you during all the work process.

Prices for producing prints depend on the size and quantity. Please refer to the table for detailed prices.

The studio also proposes to work in collaboration with artists, allowing them to produce their prints for free, in return of half of the production for the gallery.

If you are interested in being considered for working jointly with our studio please send us a portfolio and CV at: