The space

Our artist residence, a wide peaceful bed room with shower and private terrace, located on the third floor of the art center, welcomes foreign artists every month.

How it works

The residents are invited for one to two months to prepare for their exhibition, and propose art workshops, or artist talks, open to the public. The artists can work in the residence space and  have access to our studio facility (outside class hours).

The art center will not provide the artist’s travel expenses, or living expenses, but will help the artists to find funding. The stay of the artists at the residence is free of charge.

The artists in residence are not paid, but the gallery will support the production expenses related to the exhibition and the workshop.

The gallery will not finance the shiping of the produced works back to the artists after the exhibition. This will be on the charge of the artist.

Each resident artist is asked to offer the rights on some artworks for the production of derived objects for the boutique.

Who can apply ?

All artists are welcome to apply to the residency program. There is no age limit, and all art disciplines and nationalities are welcome.

Please download the online application for further detail about our program.