Tada Hengsapkul


Tada Hengsapkul, based in Bangkok, has been exhibited extensively since graduating from Pohchang Academy of Arts in 2011.

His selected solo exhibitions include “Parade” H Gallery, Bangkok (2013), “No Superego” (2011) Toot Yung Gallery, Bangkok and Oxytosin (2010) Sorrapong, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Recent group exhibitions include “Anthropos”, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok and Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore, “A Part of Me, A Part of You” (2012) at WTF, Bangkok and “On the Threshold of the Senses” (2012) at Tally Beck Contemporary in New York, “City of Angels/Identity Crisis” (2011) 59 Rivoli gallery, Paris.

Tada also took part in the 2nd Chongqing Youth Biennale (2011), China.