Noraset Vaisayakul, born 1975, is a Bangkok-based visual artist, working in bio-art, engineered art, experimental installation, video art, and painting.

As an artist and a human being capable of greed and anger and love, he has a secret desire to confront a challenge and expose what is hidden and forbidden in every atom of human society.
Moved by the notion that everything -be it political, economic, social or personal- is interrelated and nothing is happening by chance, he aspires to free humankind from the insidious myth and return it to a state of “natural truth”.

He wishes to create works that translate his desire to go to the heart of the matter and to crystallize the thin, absurd link between good and evil, purity and filth.

Noraset’s works were shown in Thailand and Europe, mainly in The Netherlands where he studied (fine art?) at the renown Rijksakademie, he was the representant of South East Asia in major group exhibitions in Art Month Sydney 2013 and in Thermocline of Art, New Asian Wave”, ZKM, Germany 2007.



Artist Noraset Vaisayakul proposes a giant wooden box in which the public can enter to witness a model representing Thailand’s natural landscapes. The inside of the box, which is more like a passage, is artificially lit with a museum like model which represents the most beautiful landscapes from all over Thailand. The outside of the box is padded with mirrors, in which people can see their reflection before stepping in. It also provokes the illusion that the box is not here; it is camouflaged, reflecting the crowd of passers by.

Thailand’s economic growth has come at great cost in damage to its people and environment. The installation presents Thailand’s natural landscapes as they were before mass tourism and intensive development. The model scale allows seeing nature from a different perspective, inducing the feeling that the future of this nature is in our hands. The museum style presentation gives a sensation that these landscapes are something from the past, urging the viewer to act responsibly towards its preservation.

The central model is suspended and rotates as if it was some merchandise being presented. The display resembles a real estate model produced by developers who seam to be selling Thailand like a vulgar cake.